DRESS FOR SUCCESS -the importance of getting it right

The business world is changing rapidly. The commercial world is moving online, and shopfronts and offices are in an era of change – colliding and evolving, with ‘old school’ industry disappearing, and new businesses being both invented and reinvented.

Organisations are moving towards modern workspaces, where employees (especially the current generation of Millennials and Gen Zers), engage with these spaces based on more than just technology, but the need for connection and communication.


Open designs are on the rise, replacing the traditional – isolating – cubicle-style offices. Multi use spaces, hybrid shops, and intermixed office environments - previously seen only in major cities - are now influencing change here in our own regional town. But many businesses are yet to implement and successfully employ this design shift!

Commercial interior design is now a necessity for business; it should not be an afterthought but professionally implemented (and not by a family member or friend). It’s crucial that the design of your business suits and impacts your clients, represents your brand, is current and up to date, yet also remains timeless.

Careful thought needs to go into finishes that have not been overused in the marketplace. There should be good, clear traffic flow, effective acoustics, privacy, storage space, logical work flow, shared spaces and even space for entertaining. (yes, the world is changing!)

A good commercial designer will help create a business ready for success. Statistics show (Journal of Experimental Psychology) that work productivity & creativity is increased by 25% when well thought out areas for independent working, co working, socialising and connecting in work spaces are implemented. But note it takes more than knocking down a few walls to create a space that fosters growth and success and nurtures the cross-pollination of ideas of employees from different disciplines.

Lisa Daniel from The Design Cupboard 2019


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