From 400 seat auditoriums to solicitors’ offices to restaurants and bars. We love commercial design. We also like to get a bit ‘creatively zany’ so our designs stand out and CREATE A BANG! We want you to be ‘the talk of the town’! We are not just here to give you ‘pretty’ colours and finishes, our mission is higher than that, if you succeed, we succeed.

Restaurants | offices | real estate | health and fitness clubs | beauty | medical | resorts | aged care | retail shops | theatres | supermarkets | multi residential | apartments | hotels


Restaurants | cafes | wine bars | deli’s | pubs | taverns | clubs | supermarkets | concept food stores

We have created, owned and run NUMEROUS AWARD-WINNING restaurant and cafés. ‘ICONIC SPACES’ which are talked about and don’t look like every other ‘cookie cutter’ new venue that opens. Got your attention?


Hotels | motels | resorts | air bnb’s | apartments | boutique accommodation | Eco lodges | tree houses | backpackers

Short term spaces need to look the part, last the part and be super comfy! No soft, saggy beds, mission brown carpet or daggy cane furniture – your customers will BE TRANSPORTED TO ANOTHER WORLD where breakfast is eaten in comfy beds, your restaurant is cool and welcoming, and your conference rooms are being booked out!


Real estate | conveyancing | accountant | printer | I.T | fashion | telecommunications | schools | travel | shared spaces

Time to get on board with how offices are changing and evolving.

We spend so much time working, we need to make sure work spaces are comfortable, functional, and profitable for every owner, manager and employee.

QUALITY TIME AT WORK = an office that’s cool, inviting, considered, and offers alternate spaces to work from.


Fashion | health & wellness | beauty spa | medical | hair | homewares | furniture | specialty shops

You’ve borrowed heaps of cash, found the space & you’re poised to make your fortune, but you’ve run out of money & decided to scrimp & use second cousin Johnny to design your office. STOP. First impressions matter when clients walk though those doors. Let us create that magic fit out for you that delivers results by drawing in clients and showcasing your brand.

This is a testimonial to the talented interior designer Lisa Daniel from the Design Cupboard. Lisa is the ultimate professional and when things go wrong, she refuses to give up or give in. My beautiful display board kept cracking down the middle due to heat and cold, and Lisa kept coming in to patch it up while trying several different options. Whilst this took several weeks, Lisa did not give up until she found a solution. Thank you Lisa Daniel for your dogged determination to keep going all the way. Your level of dedication and professionalism is inspiring.
— Gordana Auton, Serene Studio
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THE TECHY STUFF - we deliver

  • concept boards –imagery, swatches & drawings which visually convey the look of your project

  • design drawings

  • working drawings

  • cabinetry drawings

  • commercial kitchen specification

  • Internal and external colour and finishes specifications

  • WC and wet area selections

  • Flooring selection

  • Lighting selection and specifying

Lisa’s ideas were very new and fresh from what we had seen in a regional area. There isn’t a day that goes by without someone commenting on how great it looks.
— Leanne Mugavin, Director, Ray White
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